A little bit about the brand and how I became the designer I am today…

The Brand

The Akita Collective encompasses pieces that are breath-takingly suited for your upcoming occasion. After years in the fashion business, The Akita Collective is trusted to deliver the most dazzling and iconic pieces for your occasion. Take a moment or two to look through our gallery/blog and view the pieces that are delicately put together for our clients. Due to satisfaction, our clients are confident in returning for more custom-made pieces.

Don’t look any further, Cynthia Akita Couture is here to eliminate the painful task of searching through store racks looking for “compromise” attire to fulfill your desires. Instead, indulge yourself in a more memorable experience with a personalized and artfully crafted design, solely made for you. No one at your event will exude the amount of glamour you carry because no one else will have the YOUR design. You will stand out among them all in your iconic attire.


Currently based in the Dallas, Texas area, The Akita Couture, formerly known as Cynthia Akita Couture, and Coruscate Innovations, is a unique clothing brand for the modern fashionable woman. Cynthia Akita Couture purposes creating divine custom wear for all occasions of life. These occasions include and are not limited to everyday wear, special events, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, prom, and also include bridesmaid and bridal attire.

Operating as Coruscate Innovations, I had the opportunity to be featured in news articles as well as magazines. You can view all of the highlights in the blog section.

The Designer

Cynthia Akita, formerly Cynthia Kyei-Akomeah, the Founder and Owner of The Akita Collective has always had a passion for art as expressed in its various forms.

Cynthia has always had experience in the fine arts, whether it consisted of art, dancing, and singing. As a child, Cynthia moved to Worcester, Massachusetts and enrolled in summer classes every year at the Worcester Art Museuem in order to enhance her talent and learn new techniques of completing art. Cynthia always found time to doodle in her classes and make sketches for her friends. In Middle School, Cynthia applied for the T.E.A.C.H. program. The T.E.A.C.H. program was a program that was started at the Worcester Center for Crafts that selectively choose a few high school children from all over Worcester to train, and go out into the community and do art projects with younger children. After applying, and completing the required sketch, Cynthia was accepted into the organization and devoted her Tuesdays and Thursdays to learning new art projects and teaching them to children that spent their after-school hours at the Worcester Friendly House.

Over the years, Cynthia had started sketching clothing, but left it at just sketching. In 2011, as Cynthia was debating what she wanted to pursue as a career, she realized that she did not want to put off fashion designing as something she would do after all her other goals were fulfilled, but something she wanted to start right at that moment, however, Cynthia did not know how to sew.

Cynthia took a leap of faith and grabbed her mother’s unused sewing machine and purchased some fabric and successfully made her first dress. The business then jumped off from that moment and brings Cynthia and The Akita Collective to where it is now. This website shows Cynthia’s progress and new ideas, and also allows viewers to purchase clothing as well.

Cynthia has been involved in many photo-shoots and countless fashion shows and events and as a “RAW ARTIST”, continues to make her line known to various parts of the world!

Cynthia is currently located in Northern Texas.

My Fashion Resume


  • Holy Cross College
  • RAW Boston MOTIF
    Location: Mixx 360
  • Empire
    Location: Eastern Connecticut State University


  • RAW Los Angeles BOLD
    Location: Boulevard 3
  • RAW Boston SENSORY
    Location: Middle East
  • Dare To Board
    Location: Pace University-Pleasantville Campus
  • La Maison Blanche
    Location: UMASS Amherst
  • Afroklectic
    Location: Brown University
  • Let It Reign
    Location: UCONN


  • Threads of the Motherland: Alter Ego
    Location: Providence College
  • Breaking The Chains
    Location: Holy Cross College
  • Made In Africa
    Location: Eastern Connecticut State University
  • UMASS Lowell
    Location: Lowell, MA
  • Wynn Project Fashion Show
    Location: Brown University
  • Boston University
    Location: Boston, MA
  • Soul TV
    Location: UMASS Amherst
  • UMASS Dartmouth
    Location: Dartmouth, MA
  • Brown University
    Location: Providence, RI
  • This Is Africa
    Location: UCONN
  • Sisters On The Runway
    Location: UMASS Amherst


  • F.S.A. Fall Fashion Show
    Location: Buffalo State College
  • Faces of Africa
    Location: Providence College
  • Sankofa: History Reborn
    Location: UMASS Amherst
  • L‘Afrique J’adore
    Location: Bridgewater State University
  • 1st Annual Multicultural Showcase
    Location: Westfield State University


  • Ambrosia: Nectar of the gods
    Location: UAlbany
  • African Night
    Location: Bridgewater State University
  • Runway Revolution:Dimensions of Couture
    Location: Ellite Promotions-Worcester, MA
  • Heal The World
    Location: Quinsigamond Community College-Worcester, MA